Rutherglen Primary Care Centre

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2.0RSSBBC News | Health | UK EditionUpdated every minute of every day.UK health worker monitored for EbolaA British healthcare worker is flown back to the UK for Ebola monitoring after suffering a needle-stick injury in Sierra Leone.Sat, 31 Jan 2015 17:16:20 GMT oppose three-person babiesSenior church figures call on the government to block the creation of so-called three-person babies, but scientists urge MPs to back a law change.Fri, 30 Jan 2015 18:26:06 GMT cuts 'could harm patients'Proposals to shorten in-job training for doctors in the UK could seriously compromise patient care and safety, leading doctors warn.Fri, 30 Jan 2015 17:26:06 GMT
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Other Information

Practice Zero Tolerance

This practice considers aggressive behaviour to be any personal abusive or aggressive comments, bad language, physical contact or aggressive gestures.

No abuse to staff is acceptable whether verbal or physical. All abuse will be reported to the practice manager who will keep a log of all incidents.

Any physical abuse to a member of staff will be reported to the Police.


Confidentiality is extremely important in our line of work. Our practice has very tight guidelines and confidentiality procedures to ensure we do not breach such an important matter. If you would like to discuss any matter away from the reception area our receptionist will accompany you to a suitable area where you will feel more comfortable discussing such delicate matters.

Freedom of Information - Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act (Scotland) 2002 obliges the practice to produce a Publication Scheme. A Publication Scheme is a guide to the ‘classes’ of information the practice intends to routinely make available. This scheme is available from reception or via the gateway on our Home Page.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

All patients registered with our practice have certain rights and responsibilities. These range from our standards of care to you and how we communicate and respond to your needs. It also allows patients to access NHS services and advises on how to do this. Should you have any queries you can contact us on 0141 531 6060.

Royal College Of General Practitioners ACCREDITATION

The practice of Dr Bruce and Dr Friel has been awarded the RCGP Accreditation Award. That attests that we demonstrate quality services and team development which are designed to ensure our practice meets the needs of Clinical Governance within today's General Practice ethos.

Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust

The Trust is based at:
Gartnavel Royal Hospital
1055 Great Western Road

Telephone: 0141 211 3600

Your Personal Health Information

To provide you with the care you need, we keep a record of the details of your consultations, illnesses, tests, prescriptions and other treatments that have been recorded by everyone involved in your care and treatment eg GP, practice nurse or health visitor. This information may be stored on our computer system or manually in your notes by practice staff.

We sometimes disclose some of your personal health information with other organisations involved in your care. For example, when your GP refers you to a specialist at the hospital we will send relevant details about you in the referral letter and receive information about you from them. Our practice also participates in regional and national programmes such as the cervical cytology screening service and your name, address, date of birth and health number will be given to them in order to send an invitation to you.

We need to use some of your personal health information for administrative purposes. In order to receive payment for services provided to you, we have to disclose basic details about you to the NHS Board responsible for this area and to the Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service. These organisations have a role in protecting public funds and are authorised to check that payments are being properly made. We are required to co-operate with these checks and the disclosure of your data is a necessary part of our provision of healthcare services.

Sometimes, we may participate in studies that are designed to improve the way services are provided to you or to check that our performance meets required standards and benchmarks. Whenever we take part in activities such as these, we will ensure that as far as possible any details that may identify you are not disclosed.

We are sometimes involved in health research and the teaching of student nurses, doctors and other health professionals. We will not use or disclose your personal health information for these purposes unless you have been informed beforehand and given your consent for us to do so.

Where you need a service jointly provided with a local authority we will seek your permission before giving them your details.
Sometimes we are required by law to pass on information, eg the notification of births and deaths and certain diseases or crimes to the government is a legal requirement.


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The Hearing Clinic UK